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Applied Geography Minor

Why Minor in Applied Geography?

The Applied Geography minor includes courses related to site location analysis and application.

Requirements for the Minor in Applied Geography

Minors in Geography, Planning and Sustainability

The department offers two (2) Geography Minors which require 18 credit hours. GARP 0101 - World Regional Geography is required in each minor. The student is advised of the courses related to specific interests from the courses listed below.

The Cultural‑Regional Geography minor involves a specialization in a particular region of the world. The Applied Geography minor includes courses related to site location analysis and application.  Regional Planning majors are not eligible to earn the Aplied Geography Minor.



    • GARP 0101 - World Regional Geography
    • GARP 0102 - Physical Geography
    • GARP 0105 - Introduction to Community Planning
    • GARP 0213 - Travel and Tourism Planning
    • GARP 0216 - The (Un)Just City
    • GARP 0230 - Meteorology
    • GARP 0243 - Introduction to Remote Sensing
    • GARP 0246 - Quantitative Methods for Social and Physical Science
    • GARP 0314 - Transportation Geography
    • GARP 0317 - Special Topics in Geography and Planning
    • GARP 0330 - Climatology
    • GARP 0332 - Geomorphology Credits: 3
    • GARP 0340 - Data Collection and Analysis
    • GARP 0344 - Advanced Geographic Information Systems