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Chemistry Degree (B.S.)

Why Major in Chemistry?

The Chemistry major provides you with a deep understanding and appreciation of chemistry. The Bachelor's in Chemistry is designed for students planning to attend graduate school or pursue careers for which a strong chemistry background is required.

Requirements for a Bachelor's in Chemistry

Requirements for the Chemistry Major - 58 Credits

    Required Foundation Courses - 25 Credits

    • CHEM 0109 - General Chemistry I
    • CHEM 0111 - General Chemistry II
    • MATH 0105 - Calculus I *
    • MATH 0106 - Calculus II
    • PHSC 0125 - Physics I
    • PHSC 0127 - Physics II
    • GNSC 0139 - Current Topics in Science Seminar I

    Required Upper-Level Courses - 30 Credits

    • CHEM 0201 - Organic Chemistry I
    • CHEM 0203 - Organic Chemistry II
    • CHEM 0211 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
    • GNSC 0239 - Current Topics in Science Seminar II
    • CHEM 0305 - Physical Chemistry I
    • CHEM 0307 - Physical Chemistry II
    • CHEM 0311 - Instrumental Analysis
    • CHEM 0315 - Biochemistry with Lab
    • GNSC 0349 - Research Methods for the Physical Sciences
    • CHEM 0350 - Research Experience


    * A student who does not feel sufficiently prepared for calculus should take MATH 0104 - Pre-Calculus prior to enrolling in Calculus I.

      Additional Graduation Requirements

      All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .