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Computer Science Degree (B.S.)

Why Major in Computer Science?

The Computer Science (CS) major has as its focus core CS areas of software design, data representation, data management, and transmission of data via files and networks. Application areas engaging CS majors are web development, computer hardware organization, networking, security, graphics, simulation and artificial intelligence. Generally, graduates of this program of study are recruited as systems programmers/administrators (with responsibilities in the areas of compiler, operating system or utility program design), network, database or security administrators, web programmers, scientific or application software engineers, designers, or analysts.

The CS program of study is based on the curricular recommendations of the ACM. The CS program has undergone curricular revision recently, and is kept up-to-date through not only its required courses, but also the choice of electives within it. The CS program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Computer Science Program Card
Computer Science Program's Educational Objectives
Computer Science Program's Student Outcomes
Computer Science Enrollment and Graduation Data

Requirements for the Computer Science Degree

Requirements for the Computer Science Major

The COMS program of study requires 83 credits in the major, to include 51 credits of direct CAIS study, and 32 credits in the supporting areas of mathematics, physical science, and technical writing (of which, 16 credits simultaneously fulfill four core course requirements). The requirements are as follow:

    Direct CAIS Study - 51 Credits


    • CAIS 0102 - Computer Science Principles
    • CAIS 0120 - Computer Science/Program Design I
    • CAIS 0220 - Computer Science/Program Design II
    • CAIS 0230 - Data Structures/Algorithm Analysis
    • CAIS 0236 - Computer Organization and Architecture
    • CAIS 0240 - Software Engineering
    • CAIS 0265 - Introduction to Digital Electronics and Microprocessors
    • CAIS 0302 - Computer Science Seminar
    • CAIS 0305 - Elements of Systems Programming
    • CAIS 0307 - Organization of Programming Languages
    • CAIS 0310 - Database Management
    • CAIS 0339 - Operating Systems
    • CAIS 0347 - Introduction to Networking
    • CAIS 0351 - Introduction to the Theory of Computation
    • CAIS 0363 - Computer Science Senior Project

    One of the following (CAIS A Elective) - 3 Credits:


    • CAIS 0301 - Compiler Design
    • CAIS 0337 - Networking and Client/Server Computing
    • CAIS 0341 - Computer Graphics
    • CAIS 0350 - Artificial Intelligence

    One of the following (CAIS B Elective):


    • CAIS 0290 - Introduction to Computer Security
    • MATH 0333 - Applied Statistical and Experimental Design
    • Any 3 credit or more 0300-level CAIS-labeled course, excluding CAIS 0353, CAIS 0396, and CAIS 0397, that otherwise is not required of the major.

    Non-CAIS Background and/or Core Courses - 32 credits


    • MATH 0105 - Calculus I
    • MATH 0106 - Calculus II
    • MATH 0220 - Discrete Structures
    • MATH 0340 - Mathematical Statistics I
    • ENGL 0392 - Business and Technical Writing
    • Lab Science Elective from the following - 8 credits:BIOL 0128 General Biology II Credits: 4 BIOL 0129 General Biology I Credits: 4 OrCHEM 0109 General Chemistry I Credits: 4 CHEM 0111? General Chemistry II Credits: 4 OrPHSC 0125 Physics I Credits: 4 PHSC 0127 Physics II Credits:4

    Additional Graduation Requirements

    All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .

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