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Environmental Science Minors

We have several different minors to choose from:

A general Environmental Science minor, for non-majors

The minor in Environmental Science is designed to allow students who are interested in environmental science to tailor the minor to meet their interests, career goals, and future plans. The minor requires a total of 18 hours of coursework. This includes ENVS 0101 or BIOL 0102, one course out of each of the three dimensions (Natural, Human, and Methods/Technology as defined in the Environmental Science, B.S.major) and additional courses selected by the advisement from the required and elective Environmental Science coursework to meet the 18 credit hour requirement. Biology and Regional Planning majors may not minor in Environmental Science.

Minors open to any major, including Environmental Science majors

Wildlife Conservation Minor

The minor in Wildlife Conservation is designed to allow students who are interested in Wildlife to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to work professionally as wildlife scientists or technicians, to prepare them for graduate study in wildlife or organismal ecology and to guide their course selection as part of the ENVS major.

The minor requires a total of 20-21 hours of coursework.

ENVS 0105 Natural History and Field Techniques
ENVS 0209 Wildlife Biology
ENVS0225 Nat. Resource Cons. and Management
ENVS0309 Wildlife Ecology and Management
ENVS0230 Est. Wild Pop. or BIOL0128 Org, Ecol, Evol. Biol
MATH0123 Math Meth Nat Sci. or BIOL0278 Biostatistics

Wetlands Planning and Management Minor

There is a strong demand among consulting firms, state and federal agencies, and not-for-profit organizations for persons with knowledge and experience relevant to wetland resource management.

The minor requires a total of 21 hours of coursework.

ENVS0105 Natural History and Field Techniques
ENVS0255 Environmental Soil Science
ENVS0300 Wetlands Assessment and Planning
GARP0244 Intro. Geog. Inf. Sys. or BIOL0204 GIS Nat. Sci.
ENVS0220 Surface and Groundwater Hydrology or ENVS0251 Water Resources Mgmt

Restoration Ecology Minor (NEW in 2020-21)

Restoration ecology is the scientific study supporting the practice of ecological restoration.  Restoration ecologists restore and remediate degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems.  Common goals include providing habitat for wildlife, protecting water and soil resources, and increasing and/or conserving biodiversity.

The minor requires a total of 21-22 hours of coursework.

ENVS0105 Nat. Hst. Field Tech OR  BIOL0202 Cons. Biol.
BIOL0204 GIS App. Nat. Sci. or GARP0244 Intro. GIS
ENVS0241 Restoration Ecology
ENVS0341 Ecological Restoration
ENVS0342 Restoration Ecology Capstone Experience

And one of:

BIOL0219 Aquatic Biology
ENVS 0220 Surface and Groundwater Hydrology
ENVS 0255 Environmental Soil Science
ENVS 0300 Wetlands Assessment and Planning