Admission to the Exercise Science Program

Westfield State University’s Program is comprehensive and academically challenging. The ES Program has competitive enrollment and specific requirements for admission and retention. The Program is a minimum five semesters in length with students typically entering in their third semester.


All students in the Department of Movement Science, Sport and Leisure Studies may apply to the Exercise Science Program (ESP). Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Science with a concentration in Exercise Science. Any student may take the courses in the program, however, only students formally accepted into the Exercise Science Program may gain clinical experience in the Exercise Science setting by completing the clinical education aspects of the program. The number of students accepted each semester will vary in accordance with retention and graduation rates. The ESP is a minimum 5-semester commitment, and, therefore, students are encouraged to apply during their first semester of their second year.

Admission to the program is competitive, and based on the following criteria.

Application Eligibility Requirements

Students interested in applying for entrance to the Exercise Science Program must meet the following minimum prerequisite requirements:

  1. Completed MOVP 0100 Introduction to Exercise Science
  2. Be accepted into the Movement Science Major
  3. Clinical Experiences I – enrolled or completed
  4. Observation Hours (Minimum 20 hours at four different facilities)
  5. CPR and First Aid
  6. Member of Professional Organization
  7. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7

Application Materials

Students meeting the eligibility requirement must submit the following materials to be considered for acceptance in the ESP.

  1. Completion of program application
  2. Recommendations (2) from MSSLS faculty and/or Exercise Science related supervisor
  3. Observation Data form 
  4. Copy of CPR/First Aid card
  5. Copy of Membership card from Professional Organization
  6. Exercise Science Student Agreement form.

* The deadlines for application submission and requirement completion are December 1

**A minimum of twenty hours of observation are required at four different types of Exercise Science settings, i.e. Community, Corporate, Clinical, Commercial, Performance or Research. At least two group exercise classes are required (one observed and one participate).

Candidates for admission to the Exercise Science Program are required to verify that they understand the standards of the program and its accrediting agency. The standards of the program are described in the Knowledge and Skills (KSs) formulated by the American College of Sports Medicine as outlined in the program manual.

Transfer Students:

Transfer students will be considered on an individual basis based on University policies explained in the Admission section of the University Bulletin, in addition to courses completed at the previous institution. Any courses considered equivalents to the required courses must be presented to the Department Chair and Program Directors for approval prior to application. A copy of the course description, course syllabus and confirmation of grade/course completion is required for review. In general, five semesters minimum are required to be taken at Westfield State University.