Reminder: August 1 is the deadline for students to submit their proof of COVID-19 vaccination for the Fall 2021 semester. For information on the vaccine mandate and helpful FAQs for the semester, click here.


Program Personnel

The personnel of the Exercise Science Program are the Department Chair, Program Director, Faculty, Cooperating Supervisors, Advisory Board and the Students.

Department Chair:The Department Chair is responsible for the administration and management of the Department of Movement Science in which the Exercise Science Program is housed. Personnel, curriculum, and budget decisions regarding the Exercise Science Program must be approved by the Department Chair.

Co-Program Directors:The Program Directors must assure achievement of the program’s goals and outcomes, and is responsible for all aspects of the program, including the organization, administration, continuous review, planning, development and general effectiveness of the program. The Program Directors provides supervision, administration and coordination of the instructional staff in the academic and practical phases of the educational program. The Program Directors maintains a file for each Exercise Science student that holds required documentation regarding program progression. Students should meet with the Program Directors on a regular basis to discuss any questions, comments or concerns they may have.

Faculty: In classrooms, laboratories, and all applied instructional settings where a student is assigned, there must be qualified individuals clearly designated as liaisons to the program to provide instruction, supervision, and timely assessments of the student’s progress in meeting program requirements. All faculty members should be familiar with the goals of the program and should be able to demonstrate the ability to develop on organized plan of instruction and evaluation.

Cooperating Supervisor in the Exercise Science internship program will play an important role in the development of the students career development. It is important that the supervisor be dedicated and enthusiastic toward this profession. The relationship between the student and supervisor is an important aspect in the success of the internship and both individuals must cooperate and work together to develop a positive relationship. Professional qualifications include:

  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in the field of Kinesiology or Allied Health
  • Two/three years supervisory experience in the area of Exercise Science
  • Minimum of one year in present location
  • Knowledge and experience with professional organizations and activities
  • Ability to communicate knowledge and experience
  • Awareness of the latest tools, techniques and knowledge in the area of Exercise Science

Advisory Board: The Exercise Science Advisory Board is comprised of professionals in the field of Exercise Science who are able to provide advice, knowledge and expertise to faculty and students about the trends and updates in the field. The advisory board will meet once per year. Issues relating to curriculum and student achievement will be among the topics discussed.