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French and Francophone Studies Minor

Why Minor in French and Francophone Studies?

The program provides you with a broad knowledge of French language, history, and culture. Courses taught in English focus on Francophone culture and literature.

Requirements for the Minor in French and Francophone Studies

French-language courses - 6 credits minimum


  • LFRE 0101 - French I
  • LFRE 0102 - French II
  • LFRE 0103 - French III
  • LFRE 0104 - French IV
  • LFRE 0201 - Reading French Texts
  • LFRE 0205 - Speaking and Writing: Intermediate Level
  • LFRE 0305 - Speaking and Writing French: Advanced Level
  • LFRE 0340 - Special Topics in French
  • LFRE 0399 - Independent Study

LFRE-designated Courses

LFRE courses (except LFRE 101, 0340 and 0399) fulfill the core requirements under the following categories: Literary and Philosophical Analysis, and Global Diversity.

    English-language Francophone Studies courses - 6 credits minimum


    • LLIT 0201 - Women Writers of the Americas: Global
    • LLIT 0210 - Studies in the Literature of Africa and the African Diaspora: (Varying Topics):
    • LLIT 0220 - Studies in European Cultures (Varying Topics)
    • HIST 0216 - The French Revolution


     LLIT 0201, 0210, and 0220, may be used when topic is related to Francophone cultures and literatures as these courses are variable topics and can be approved by the Language advisor.  LLIT courses fulfill the core requirements under the following categories: Literary and Philosophical Analysis, and Global Diversity.

      Electives - 6 credits

      Selected from either categories above. Other courses may count toward the minor upon approval of the Language advisor.  Additionally, students may do individual work in French within an English-language course under the rubric of Languages Across the Curriculum, when approved by the Language advisor.  With this approval, such courses may be used as substitutions within the French elective and literature components of the minor.

        Clubs & Organizations

        International and Intercultural Club

        This student club will support students of other nations/cultures and students interested in interacting with students of other nations.

        Multicultural Student Association (MSA)

        The purpose of the Multicultural Student Association is to promote diversity and cultural awareness throughout our campus and community.