History Degree (B.A.), Part-time

Why Study History Part-time?

We welcome part-time students and offer a wide variety of regular day courses and on-line courses. Most classes are offered between 8:15 - 4:00 pm. However, every semester we offer 2-3, once-a-week, seminar-style courses (4:15 - 6:45) for those who can not attend classes earlier in the day. And, of course, online courses are available to take at your convenience.

*Note: Graduate and Continuing Education students can only register for day classes during cross registration or during add/drop.

Requirements for the History Degree

Requirements for the History Major - 43 Credits

Students must earn at least 21 of their history credits from Westfield State University.

  • HIST 0290 - Special Topics in Comparative History

Required Major Core - 25 Credits

  • HIST 0131 - United States History and Government to 1865
  • HIST 0132 - United States History and Government 1865 – Present
  • HIST 0101 - Western Experience I
  • HIST 0102 - Western Experience II
  • HIST 0113 - World History to 1600
  • HIST 0114 - Modern World History
  • HIST 0121 - The Historian OR
  • HIST 0202 - Introduction to Historical Research and Analysis
  • HIST 0395 - Senior Seminar OR

History Distribution Electives - 18 Credits

Student must select six history electives totaling at least 18 credits. Students may not select more than four courses from any one area of history (United States, European, or World) in fulfilling this requirement. LLIT 0220 may count as a Eurpoean history elective when the topic is the Holocaust.


    Students must complete at least two electives at the 0300-level. A three-credit internship may be used to fulfill one 200-level elective course. Students may not take more than two independent study courses. Students who are considering graduate school strongly are encouraged to take a foreign language.

    Students interested in teacher licensure MUST meet with the program director, to ensure that they enroll in courses which meet the requirements of that program.

      Additional Graduation Requirements

      All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .