Mathematics Degree (B.A.), Part-time

Why Study Mathematics Part-time?

We are proud to offer a part-time course schedule to our student's. Most courses are offered during the daytime hours with some online course offerings. Students can take courses year-round in the fall, winter, spring, and two summer sessions.

*Note: Graduate and Continuing Education students can only register for day classes during cross registration or during add/drop.

Requirements for the Part-Time Mathematics Degree

Requirements for Mathematics Majors

    Requirements - 54 Credits

    • MATH 0105 - Calculus I
    • MATH 0106 - Calculus II
    • MATH 0216 - Studies in the Literature of Mathematics
    • MATH 0218 - Linear Algebra
    • MATH 0201 - Calculus III
    • MATH 0300 - Discrete Mathematics with Proofs
    • MATH 0390 - Senior Seminar in Mathematics
    • Seven (7) additional 0300?level mathematics coursesInternship (MATH 0398) credits cannot be used to satisfy this requirementNine (9) additional credits.  Students may count a combination of:Up to 9 of the 12 practicum credits or Up to 9 Internship credits - MATH 0398 or Any 300-level Math classes excluding MATH 0300  and MATH 0390 or Appropriate 300-level classes in other departments may be used to satisfy this requirements with permission of advisor or chair A minimum of six (6) 300-level mathematics courses, excluding MATH 0300 and MATH 0390 , must be taken in the Mathematics Department at Westfield State University


    At most, 6 credits of any combination of MATH 0360 and MATH 0399 can count toward the major, unless the student chooses to take two additional 300-level, 3-credit mathematics courses to satisfy the final requirement; in this case, one or both courses may be MATH 0360 or MATH 0399.

      Additional Graduation Requirements

      All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .