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Nursing Degree (B.S.N.)

Why Major in Nursing?

Nursing majors integrate the University’s core requirements with additional courses in the humanities, physical and social sciences, providing you with a strong liberal arts foundation for professional nursing. The nursing labs will help you transfer theoretical knowledge to direct nursing interventions, while a wide variety of health care and community agencies will serve as placements for your clinical practice.

Requirements for Nursing Majors

Requirements for the Nursing Major

Nursing courses and science lab courses require a grade of "C" or better to remain in good standing - with the exception of NURS 0101, Introduction to Professional Nursing.  Students may repeat only one clinical course with less than a "C" grade during their entire program.

    First Year


      First Semester


      • CHEM 0103 - Chemistry of the Life Sciences
      • ENGL 0101 - English Composition I
      • NURS 0100 - Introduction to Professional Nursing
      • SOCI 0101 - Principles of Sociology
      • Appreciation of the Arts Core Elective Credits: 3

      Second Semester


      • BIOL 0209 - Medical Microbiology
      • BIOL 0237 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
      • ENGL 0102 - English Composition II: Writing About Texts
      • PSYC 0101 - Introduction to Psychology
      • Global Diversity Core Elective Credits: 3

      Sophomore Year


        First Semester


        • BIOL 0239 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
        • MATH 0108 - Elementary Statistics
        • NURS 0201 - Fundamentals of Professional Nursing Practice
        • US History and Government Core Elective Credits: 3

        Second Semester


        • NURS 0311 - Community Health Nursing
        • NURS 0316 - Psychiatric Nursing
        • PSYC 0207 - Lifespan Development
        • SOCI 0202 - Race and Ethnic Relations OR

        Junior Year


          First Semester


          • NURS 0312 - Nursing Care of the Adult and Older Adult I
          • NURS 0335 - Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I
          • SOCI 0321 - Sociology of Aging OR
          • Literary and Philosophical Analysis Elective Credits: 3

          Second Semester


          • NURS 0305 - Nursing Research
          • NURS 0313 - Nursing Care of the Adult and Older Adult II
          • NURS 0336 - Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II
          • Social Understanding Core Elective Credits: 3

          Senior Year


            First Semester


            • NURS 0321 - Nursing Care of Children and Familes
            • NURS 0322 - Nursing Care of Perinatal Women and Newborns
            • Appreciation of the Arts Core Elective Credits: 3 Free electives to be in at least 12 creidts for the term (full-time)

            Second Semester


            • NURS 0350 - Advanced Principles of Professional Nursing
            • NURS 0360 - Preparation for Professional Licensure
            • NURS 0397 - Nursing Capstone and Clinical Internship
            • Literary and Phiosophical Analysis Core Elective Credits: 3 Free electives to be in at least 12 creidts for the term (full-time)


            Due to the nature of securing clinical placement sites, all clinical laboratory experiences including off-campus sites are subject to change. Students are not allowed to self-select clinical sites and days.

              Additional Graduation Requirements

              All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .