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Who are the officers? 

President:             Sarah Stone
Vice-President:     Allison Doherty
Treasurer:             Brianne Cannady
Public Relations:   Rachael Buckle
Secretary:             Julienne Gerner

Advisors:               Dr. Claudia Ciano-Boyce & Dr. Leonardo Andrade

When and where do you meet?

Fall 2015 - TBA

Contact Julienne Gernerto be placed on mailing list.

What do you do?
We hold meetings related to Psychology. Have guest speakers talk about different psychology careers, areas of research and topics about psychology. We have meetings about graduate school, the GRE Examinations, and watch psychology movies. We also attend psychology conferences. We volunteer at different campus events and events held at Stanley Park that are related to psychology.

How can you join?
Anyone with an interest in psychology can join in psychology club.

What are the benefits for students to join these clubs?
A benefit is learning more about psychology and meeting fellow students with an interest in psychology. Learning things you wouldn't normally learn in a classroom about psychology.

What is the mission of the group?
The primary purpose of the Westfield State University Psychology Club is to foster an active interest in Psychology vocationally and avocationally. The club will strive to promote a relaxed atmosphere that will lead to activities and a valuable experience for all members.

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