Political Science Degree (B.A.), Public Administration Concentration

Why Choose a Concentration in Public Administration?

Courses in the Public Administration major concentration provide you with the necessary academic and technical expertise for professions in the public sector and graduate study in public administration.

Requirements for the Public Administration Major Concentration

Requirement for the Political Science Major - 36 Credits

    Required Major Core – 9 Credits

      Required Courses

      • POLS 0101 - American National Government
      • POLS 0206 - Political Analysis

      One of the following political theory courses

      • POLS 0215 - American Political Thought
      • POLS 0301 - Classical Political Thought
      • POLS 0302 - Modern Political Thought
      • POLS 0335 - Feminist Political Thought
      • POLS 0340 - Politics and “The Family”
      • ** Additional theory courses may qualify with department chair approval

      Public Administration Concentration - 12 credits

      Courses that explore how public policies are made and enforced in the United States and how government agencies and regulatory bodies function (12 credits: choose 4)

      • POLS 0103 - State and Local Government
      • POLS 0204 - Introduction to Public Administration
      • POLS 0205 - Metropolitan Politics
      • POLS 0318 - Public Management Skills
      • POLS 0320 - Politics of Budget-Making
      • POLS 0321 - American Public Policy
      • POLS 0323 - Selected Topics in Political Science
      • POLS 0327 - Administrative Law
      • POLS 0397 - Political Science Internship
      • POLS 0398 - Washington Internship
      • POLS 0399 - Independent Study
      • * Additional courses may count with department chair approval.

      Required Electives - 15 Credits

      15 credits of additional political science course work.

      For Selected Topics courses (POLS 0323) to count toward the field of concentration, the courses must be within that field.

      Students transferring from another school must complete a minimum of 18 credits in Political Science at Westfield State University.

      The Department of Political Science encourages students to participate in internships.  Students may apply up to 6 credits of internships toward the 36-credit major, 3 of which may be applied toward the 18-credit minor.  For details, see the department internship manual on from the link   https://www.westfield.ma.edu/images/uploads/political-science/Internship_Manual.pdf or pick up a copy in the department.

        Additional Graduation Requirements

        All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .