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Sociology, Global Sociology Concentration, B.A.

Why Major in Sociology with a Concentration in Global Sociology?

Globalization has become panoptic term for capturing the most complex issues facing our society. Globalization affects our culture, economy, politics, and so on. The concentration in Global Sociology is intended to prepare students to navigate the globalization process and be prepared to engage the issues of globalization in their chosen careers such as corporate, government, International organizations, and non-governmental organizations. Students with the concentration in Global Sociology will understand the way globalization affects everyday life through theory, analysis, and experience.

Requirements for the Global Sociology Concentration

Sociology Core Courses - 18-21 Credits

  • SOCI 0101 - Principles of Sociology
  • SOCI 0250 - Research Methods I
  • SOCI 0251 - Research Methods II:Quantitative Analysis
  • SOCI 0300 - Internship in Sociology
  •      GERO 0370  may be used to fulfill SOCI 300 for students who minor in Gerontology.
  • SOCI 0335 - Sociological Theory
  • SOCI 0390 - Capstone in Sociology

Global Sociology Concentration - 18 Credits

    Core Global Sociology Courses - 9 Credits

    • SOCI 0312 - Population Studies in Sociology
    • SOCI 0314 - Collective Behavior and Social Movements
    • SOCI 0345 - Sociology of Globalization

    Global Sociology Electives - 9 Credits

    • SOCI 0313 - Chinese Society and Culture
    • SOCI 0200 - Cultural Anthropology
    • SOCI 0326 - The Global Experience
    • SOCI 0399 - Independent Study
    • (with a global focus)

    Additional Graduation Requirements

    All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .