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Theatre Arts Degree (B.A.), Design/Technology Track

Why Choose the Design/Technology Track?

A degree in Theatre Arts fosters a wide range of practical job skills that are highly valued in a broad variety of professions. These skills include critical thinking, creative process, problem solving, time management, effective written and oral communication, active listening, collaboration, portfolio development, team work, production management, self-confidence, and empathy.

Requirements for the Design/Technology Track

Requirements for the Theatre Arts Major - 52 Credits

The major in Theatre Arts is designed to provide students with a fundamentally sound and well-rounded bachelor of arts education and training in theatre and in its related arts of performance and design. It is the objective of the Theatre Arts Program to instill in students an abiding respect for theatre as an historical and cultural institution; to enhance their appreciation of theatre’s significant role in a society’s social, political, and cultural life; and to prepare students for the world of professional theatre and for graduate study. The bachelor of arts in Theatre Arts degree requires 52 credit hours of study, which includes 15 credit hours in one of three tracks of study: Performance, Design/Technology, or Theatre Studies. The Theatre Studies track gives students the opportunity to fashion their own areas of focus in consultation with a theatre advisor. In addition to its curricular requirements, the Program provides students with practical experience in all aspects of theatre production as part of their educational experience. The creative process, a professional attitude and work ethic, and artistic integrity are the emphases of all theatre production courses. Theatre majors are also required to fulfill the English department’s foreign language requirement.

    Required Theatre Arts Core Curriculum - 37 Credits:

    • ENGL 0287 - World Drama
    • ENGL 0365 - Dramatic Theory and Criticism
    • THEA 0151 - Introduction to Performance
    • THEA 0152 - Scenography
    • THEA 0251 - Theatre Management
    • THEA 0260 - Script Analysis & Interpretation
    • THEA 0261 - Theatre History: Early Stages

    • THEA 0253 - Theatre Workshop or
    • THEA 0360 - Theatre Production

    • THEA 0380 - Professional Theatre Seminar

    Select one course from each category, A, B, and C:


      • THEA 0262 - Theatre History: Renaissance to Romanticism
      • THEA 0263 - Theatre History: The Modern Stage


      • ENGL 0317 - Shakespeare: Tragedies and Histories
      • ENGL 0318 - Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances


      • ENGL 0364 - American Drama
      • ENGL 0370 - Modern Drama

      Tracks of Study

      Theater Arts majors are required to select one of the following tracks to complete the major requirements.

        Design/Technology Track - 15 Credits


        • THEA 0343 - Sound Design for Theatre
        • THEA 0354 - Costume Design
        • THEA 0156 - Stagecraft Techniques
        • THEA 0389 - Scene Design
        • THEA 0390 - Lighting Design

        Additional Graduation Requirements

        All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .