Vocational Education Degree (B.S.E.), Part-time Evening

Why Study Vocational Education During the Evening?

We are proud to offer a flexible course schedule to our student's. All courses are offered in the late afternoon and early evening.  During our winter and summer sessions, students can opt to take day or evening classes.  During the spring and fall semesters, students may also take classes offered by the day division.*  And, of course, online courses are available to take at your convenience.

*Note: Graduate and Continuing Education students can only register for day classes during cross registration or during add/drop.

Requirements for the Vocational Education Degree (B.S.E.) Part-time

Requirements for Vocational Education


  • EDUC 0214 - Supervised Internship: Vocational Education **
  • EDUC 0301 - Implementing a Competency Based Curriculum Credits: 3 *
  • EDUC 0302 - Integrating Vocational and Academic Curriculum Credits: 3 *
  • EDUC 0332 - Seminar for the Vocational Technical Educator
  • EDUC 0343 - Appraisal and Evaluation Techniques in Occupational Education
  • EDUC 0344 - Developing and Implementing a Standards-Based Curriculum In Vocational Technical Education
  • EDUC 0351 - Teaching Methods for Vocational Technical Education-Instructional Strategies
  • EDUC 0357 - Managing Student Behavior in a Healthy and Safe Environment
  • EDUC 0358 - Teaching Methods for Vocational Technical Education – Educating and Assessing the Vocational Technical Education Learner
  • EDUC 0379 - Teaching Methods for Vocational Technical Education – Using Research-Based Practices to Develop Effective Instructional Strategies *
  • EDUC 0390 - Addressing the Needs of Students with Disabilities in Vocational Technical Education *
  • EDUC 0396 - Seminar Recent Developments: Computers in Education


* See description in Graduate Catalogue for corresponding course; undergraduate course to be submitted for governance approval.

** Title change to be submitted for governance approval

    Additional Graduation Requirements

    All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .