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Office of the Associate Dean of Education

Cheryl Stanley

Since 1839, Westfield State University has been regarded as an institution of higher learning committed to preparing future generations of teachers.  We continue this legacy today by shaping the personal, social and professional lives of young women and men seeking to become teachers and by committing ourselves to a leadership role in mentoring professional educators.

Our shared vision, Educators as Leaders Building Learning Communities, is at the core of who we are as faculty scholars conducting educational research that informs school practice, and it is who we are when we seek to educate and empower our teacher candidates and professional teachers.

At any given moment you will find our faculty conversing with students in the hallways, advising them after class or over a cup of coffee, or reviewing lesson plans and projects before they are due just to make sure teacher candidates will be successful. This commitment to our candidates is essential to our work and is what best  exemplifies how the professional education unit of Westfield State University shares the mission of the university, “… to develop the knowledge, skills  and character essential for students to reach their full potential and become responsible leaders in society”.  

Fostering teacher candidates’ learning and preparing teachers to work in and “lead” their schools is why I am excited about being the Associate Dean of Education at Westfield State University!

Cheryl A. Stanley, Ed.D.
Associate Dean of Education
(413) - 572 5321