Our Environmental Science Degree

The Environmental Science Program at Westfield State University is truly an interdisciplinary program. While the program requirements are rigorous, there is a lot of flexibility in the curriculum to allow students to tailor the major to fit their life and career goals. Students select from such courses as Environmental Biology, Ecology, Aquatic Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Impact Analysis, Land Resource Analysis, Green Cities, Water Resource Management, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

An important aspect of our program is the emphasis on fieldwork and hands-on activities. Upper-level classes are small (16-18 student maximum), so students get a lot of one-on-one faculty contact.  Environmental Science students have the opportunity to:

  • Measure water quality in nearby lakes and rivers in Water Resource Management 
  • Work in the field to estimate animal populations in Wildlife Ecology and Management
  • Collect marine samples during a 3-day field trip to the Maine coast in Marine Biology
  • Design a plan to restore degraded ecosystems in Ecological Restoration

The program culminates in a capstone experience in a Senior Seminar, where students do independent research on an environmental topic that is relevant to our community.

Double Majors

The flexibility of the Environmental Science Curriculum allows interested students to add a second major to help prepare them for their own unique future.  Some common double majors include: Regional Planning, Biology, Political Science, English, and Criminal Justice.  This helps them develop interdisciplinary skills, with goals of becoming Environmental Planners, Environmental Policy Makers, Environmental Lawyers, Environmental Writers, Environmental Police, etc.

GIS Minor

Many Environmental Science students take the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Minor.  GIS is a powerful spatial data analysis tool that allows students to study environmental problems using spatial analysis.

Environmental Science Minors

We also offer an 18-hour Environmental Science Minor designed for students in other majors who have an interest in environmental issues and sustainability.  We also offer Minors in Wildlife Conservation and Wetlands Planning and ManagementIn Fall 2020, we will offer a new Minor in Ecological Restoration.

Environmental Science