First Day

Resources for First Day of Classes

Below is a list of articles and links that can help faculty to make the first day of classes more valuable for both students and instructors.

How to Create a Syllabus - Advice Guide by Kevin Gannon

Please include the following suggested statements in your syllabus to make your students aware of university services: click here to open the document for easy copy & paste.

How to Teach a Good First Day of Class by James M. Lang (January 2019)

Opening a Course Blog by Stan Yoshinobu (January 2019)

Time to Make Your Mandatory-Attendance Policy Optional by Joe Gerald and Benjamin Brady (January 2019)

The Absolute Worst Way to Start the Semester by Kevin Gannon (August 2016)

I'm banning Laptops from my Classroom by Stuart Green (2016)

Defining the Relationship by Rob Jenkins (August 2016)

The First Day of Class: A Once-a-Semester Opportunity by Maryellen Weimer (August 2015)


Please email the Faculty Center coordinator if you have any additional resources that you want to share in this space with your colleagues.

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