Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities on Campus


  1. Writing Across the Curriculum
    The Writing Liaison Committee, which meets monthly, consists of faculty, staff and students from a variety of departments. For information on upcoming workshops/retreats and programming, or to learn about and join the committee, visit the Writing Liaison Committee's website or contact the WAC coordinator, Catherine Savini at

  2. Reading and Writing Center
    WSU's Reading and Writing Center (located in 218 Parenzo, across from the Faculty Center) enjoys working with faculty on their writing projects, including grant applications, promotion materials, scholarly articles, and creative projects. To learn about our services or to make an appointment, click here

  3. Civic Engagement
    As a public institution of higher education, Westfield State University has a special responsibility to our immediate community and beyond. Westfield Engages (WE) is an effort to acknowledge, strengthen and expand civic learning and civic engagement activities and opportunities at Westfield. If you are interested in developing a civic engagement course, you can apply for financial support and grants are available. For more information, click here

  4. Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs
    The OGSP coordinates all pre-award, award, and post-award management of external private (corporate and foundation),public funding and sub-contracts (Government).  Its mission is to provide research and disseminate information on potential funding opportunities, while providing guidance though the application process, creation of budgets and ensuring compliance and proper stewardship of funds within University and funder requirements.  For more information click here:
    Among the internal grants for faculty members are: STARS (Semester Time Award for Research Scholarship, IPI (Innovative Pedagogical Initiative), and URGP (University Research Grant Program)

  5. STEM Brown Bag Luncheon
    Jennifer Hanselman (Biology) invites you to discuss current trends, research projects, upcoming conferences, and other relevant issues. All faculty are invited. The meeting times for the Spring 2016 semester are posted here. For more information, please contact

  6. Undergraduate Research Activities
    Faculty from various disciplines meet regularly to discuss ways of making research assessable to all students across all majors. Meeting times vary and are announced via email. If you are interested in learning more about undergraduate research at WSU, please contact Carsten Braun (GARP)

  7. Critical Thinking Workshop Series
    The goals of this multi-session series are to (i) recognize barriers to critical thinking, (ii) develop a list of approaches that encourages students to think critically, (iii) discuss teaching methods that could enhance critical thinking, (iv) create new/improved assignments that allow you to assess critical thinking skills, and (v) share expertise of workshop participants with campus community in Spring 2016.
    This is a closed group workshop; workshop findings will be presented to the campus community in April 2016. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Susanne Chuku

  8. Program Assessment
    The Faculty Liaison for Assessment, Joseph Camilleri, can consult and advise departments in their program assessment efforts. For a list of assessment resources, click here:

  9. Academic Technology
    Stay up-to date with the latest technological ideas around teaching and learning at Even better: become a contributor and share your experiences and thoughts around ed-tech with the rest of the campus community. Contact Carsten Braun (GARP),, for more information.