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Geography Resources

World Maps

Sometimes you just need a map - feel free to use the ones below! Thanks to Amanda Gricus for creating these maps.

Westfield State University in 3D - Join Us For a Virtual Campus Tour!

The campus buildings were modeled in 3D using Google SketchUp. Clicking on any of the links below will open the building model in Google Earth. You can view all 22 buildings at once (careful: large file!) or add each building individually into Google Earth (recommended!). Created by students in Dr. Carsten Braun's Advanced Geographic Information Systems course (Spring 2009).

The entire campus (careful: large file!)
333 Administration Building (Michael Framarin)
Bates Hall (William Davidson and Cagney Turner)
Dining Commons (Andrew Golas)
Ely Hall (Robert Blackie)
Ferst Interfaith Center (William Davidson)
Juniper Park Elementary School (Jacquelyn Vincent)
Maintenance/Trades Department (Lauren Davenport and William Davidson)
Parenzo Hall (William Davidson)
Power Plant (William Davidson)
Public Safety Complex (William Davidson)
Conlin Hall (Johanna King and William Davidson)
Seymour Hall (Caitlin Chafee and William Davidson)
Welch Hall (William Davidson)
Dickinson Hall (Adam Bozek)
Courtney Hall (Anthony Azevedo)
Davis Hall (William Davidson, Michael Thompson, Sean Shelander)
New Residence Hall (William Davidson)
Lammers Hall (Jonathan Baczek)
Scanlon Hall (Jonathan Baczek)
Second Congregational Church (Lauren Davenport and William Davidson)
Wilson Hall (Peter Martell and William Davidson)
Woodward Center (Thomas Pease)