Interested in Pursuing a Career in English?

Our Master of English program prepares students to expand their critical thinking skills, develop knowledge of literature and its history and expand their abilities to think analytically and write effectively through advanced study and research in British, American and other literatures.

The M.A program in English prepares students for:

  • Advanced graduate studies in English (Ph. D)
  • Pre-professional studies (law, business, and administration)
  • Teaching careers
  • Work in related fields (e.g., communications, public relations, publishing, and human resources)

Why Westfield?

The Master of English programs offer three different options designed to meet the various needs of our students, including two licensure in teaching options at the professional or initial level.

Classes are offered in the evenings after 4 p.m.

You can complete the program on a full or part-time basis, with classes being offered year round!

How much will it cost?

We offer affordable programs. Please visit our Tuition and Fees page with up to date costs.

Admissions Requirements

1.     Narrative Statement - Your narrative statement is read with great care and consideration.  It should be 2-3 pages and include statements about your professional goals, academic experience, factors which led you to consider graduate study and why you feel the University can support your future endeavors. Note: some programs may have specific requirements for the narrative statement. Prospective students should work with an Outreach Specialist to discuss program-specific requirements.

2.     Official transcripts with college seals and in sealed envelopes of all college-level work. If you attended more than one college, submit one transcript from each institution. Please have transcripts sent directly from your former college or university to the College of Graduate and Continuing Education; opened transcripts will not be accepted.

3.     Three letters of professional reference (forms enclosed in application). Students may choose to have their references fill out the recommendation form or write a letter; either is acceptable.

4.     A writing sample

5.     If applicable, a copy of Classroom Teacher Licensure.

6.     If applicable, a copy of a passing scores in Communication and Literacy Skills portions of the Massachusetts Educators Certification Tests.

Program Objectives/Coursework

Upcoming courses

Course Work - 30 Credits

  • ENGL 0608 - Theories of Literary Criticism Credits: 3
  • One 600-level course in American literature Credits: 3
  • One 600-level course in British Literature Credits: 3
  • Twelve additional credits at the 600 level Credits: 12
  • Two additional English courses at either the 500 or 600 level Credits: 6
  • One 500-level or 600-level course in Diverse Literatures Credits:3

Note: History of the English Language or The Structure of Modern English must be included in the program for students who have not had one of these courses as an undergraduate. Up to six graduate credits may be taken in a related discipline (such as history). Written permission from the English Graduate Advisor or the English Department Chair must be obtained before taking these credits.

B. Capstone

  • ENGL 0646 - Pre-Capstone Course
  • ENGL 0647 - Research Folio/Capstone Experience

Below are helpful documents for Pre-Capstone/Capstone applications:

English 646 Pre-capstone Registration & Course Description Form

English 647 Capstone Project   

Independent Study/Special Arrangement Form

Capstone Application

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