Joseph Carvalho

Joseph Carvalho, WSU 1975
Museum Director, Author, Editor, Musician, Archivist, & Historical Researcher

After 37 years working for the Springfield Museums Association (including as executive director), I began my own museum and historical research consulting business in 2010. I had previously opened Watershops Recording Studio in 2008 and produced over 35 CDs and over 60 music videos of original music from New England singer-songwriters. Watershops Studio now focusses on oral history recordings.

What did your Westfield State history degree/ courses mean to you? The History Department was filled with talented and motivational professors each with their own style of immersing the student in the subject matter. The experience inspired me to devote my life to learning more, and researching deeper into untold aspects of our past. My experience as a student editor of Westfield State’s Historical Journal of Massachusetts set me on a life-long career of editing and writing historical works. For ten years, I was honored to serve as the National Genealogical Society’s Book Review Editor. My history degree opened opportunities in archival management, special library collections management, museum management, as well as management of historical publications programs. My current work as co-editor of the Springfield Republican newspaper Heritage Book program utilizes the wide range of history skills, knowledge, and professional contacts that I have developed from my excellent start at the WSU History Department.

Why major in History at Westfield State?  My history major opened a number of career paths for me. One of the key factors for my success was the educational environment at Westfield, which was never quite replicated in any of the other institutions that I attended over my career. The accessibility of the history professors; the reasonable sizes of the classes which allowed for more contact and feedback from professors; and the support, friendly competition, and comradery of other history students, some of whom I remain in contact  with on a regular basis as life-long friends and colleagues, were some of the ingredients that made the Westfield State experience special, rewarding, and life changing.

My Westfield State degree led me to the highly regarded history graduate program at the College of William & Mary; then on to the Information and Library Science degree from the University of Rhode Island, as well as opened the door for further graduate work at the University of Maryland, the University of Connecticut, and Harvard Business School.