M.Ed. in History

The Westfield State History Department offers two graduate programs in history. They have been especially designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced teachers as well as to appeal to professionals in any field who are interested in deepening and broadening their knowledge of history. Community members and all others with a passion for history are invited to take individual courses at any time. We often offer two courses every semester. These include “readings” courses in which students are exposed to major historians and subjects in a field. We also offer special topics course. 

•HIST 0600  - Readings: America, 1600-1815
•HIST 0605  - Readings: America, 1815-1914
•HIST 0610  - Readings: America, 1914 to the Present
•HIST 0615  - Readings: Modern Europe 1500-1789
•HIST 0620  - Readings: Modern Europe, 1789 to the Present
•HIST 0640  - Readings: World History (ex. The Middle East)
•HIST 0650  - Readings: Topics in World History (ex. Latin America)

For more on these programs contact:
Dr. Nicholas Aieta, Graduate Program Coordinator

1. The M.Ed. in History Education 5-12  (Initial Licensure) is designed for individuals who wish to pursue a master's degree leading to an initial teaching license to teach middle and/or secondary history/social studies. This program requires extensive, school-based fieldwork in addition to a student teaching practicum experience.

Westfield State University has a history and abiding commitment of preparing educators who serve the educational needs of pre-kindergarten through secondary school students in Massachusetts. The shared vision of Westfield's education programs is articulated as "Educators as Leaders Building Learning Communities." Themes that support this vision are community building, reflective practice, diversity, and social justice.

Westfield is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and all licensure programs are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

2. The M.Ed. in History  (non-licensure) provides the opportunity to pursue graduate-level training in history for both teachers and non-educators. Courses are offered in United States, European, and World History. Students complete a M.A. thesis on any topic of their choosing. Note: The information in the following link is outdated and is in the process of being revised. Courses are now offered in United States, European and World history (not just American history!)