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Honors Program

Promoting intellectual growth on campus and enriching student-faculty interactions.

The Honors Program is designed to provide academically motivated students with intellectually challenging courses from an interdisciplinary perspective and/or with a specialized topical focus.

Honors classes are limited to 15 – 18 students and professors who design and teach the courses are among the best at the college. Coursework may emphasize greater interaction with classmates and the professor, more writing and discussion, and independent study. The honors experience extends beyond the classroom and may include attendance at special events, receptions with guest lecturers, field trips to cultural events, participation in conferences, informal gatherings to provide students with opportunities to socialize and learn, and Honors Housing. Priority Registration is available to honors students in good standing.

Incoming first-year students with combined SAT scores (Critical Reading and Math) of 1220 may be considered for participation in the Honors Program. Other factors that are predictive of academic success may be considered.

Transfer students who graduate from a Commonwealth Honors Program at a community college are guaranteed admission to the program. Other transfer students may contact the Honors Program office (413) 572-8086 for information.

Browse through past issues of the Honors Program Newsletter The Squirrel Squire for a glimpse into Honors courses, activities, and student achievements.

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