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Language & Culture Studies Department

Why Language & Culture Studies?

The Language and Culture Studies Department provides you the opportunity to gain a practical working knowledge of the foreign language or languages you will need in your future. All language courses focus on proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading and writing, as well as on expanding your knowledge of the target cultures.


Careers include working in:

  • Multicultural environment in our region and nation

Meet Our Alumni

Kylie Nelson

Kylie Nelson '15 didn't just leave Westfield State with a degree that will allow her to teach. She left with a passion for Spanish and Hispanic culture and a solid understanding of what it means to collaborate.

A native of Mansfield, Nelson plans to begin work on a master's degree, and also intends to give back to the Foundation.

Clubs & Organizations

  • International and Intercultural Club

    This student club will support students of other nations/cultures and students interested in interacting with students of other nations.

  • Multicultural Student Association (MSA)

    The purpose of the Multicultural Student Association is to promote diversity and cultural awareness throughout our campus and community.

  • Latino Association for Empowerment (LAFE)

    LAFE is an educational, political and social organization of students at Westfield State that supports awareness of multicultural issues.