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Psychology Faculty & Staff

wsu psychology faculty spring 2019

Robert Hayes, Ph.D.,
Department Chair, Undergraduate
Chair of Graduate Program in Psychology
Administrator/Advisor for MA Mental Health Counseling Program 
Phone Number: 413-572-5488
Office Number: Wilson 105 H

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology; Research Methods I; Statistics; Research Methods II; Health Psychology; Disorder to Orientation; Counseling Theory & Practice; Capstone: Body Image Disorders. Graduate Courses: Ethics; Body Image Disorders; Counseling Basics; Advanced Counseling; Adult Psychopathology; Family Therapy.

Research Interests: Health behaviors; Body image; Attitude development & maintenance; LGBTQ+ issues.

Linda Hogan-Shea
Linda Hogan-Shea, Administrative Assistant II
Phone Number: 413-572-5376
Office Number: Wilson 105 I


Leonardo F. Andrade, Ph.D., BCBA
Phone Number: 413-572-5380
Office Number: Wilson 115 D

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology; Research Methods in Psychology; Psychology of Learning; Capstone: Choice, Impulsivity, and Addiction. 
Graduate Courses: Verbal Behavior; Theoretical Foundations of Behavior Analysis; Single Subject Design and Methodology 

Research Interests: Behavioral principles impact on health behaviors; Impulsive decision-making in behavioral economics, treatment and relapse; Contingency management applied to drug abstinence, medication adherence, job-seeking activities and physical exercise. 

Eric R. Bressler, Ph.D.
Eric R. Bressler, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5719
Office Number: Wilson 105 G

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology; Research Methods I; Evolutionary Psychology; Psychology of Human Sexuality; Research Methods II; Psychology of Film

Research Interests: Psychology of human attraction and mate choice; Humor and its influence on interpersonal relationships; How psychological research explains our reactions to movies (and other media); Animal behavior; Evolutions influence on human psychology.

Rebecca A. Burwell, Ph.D.
Rebecca A. Burwell, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5379
Office Number: Wilson 105 F

Undergraduate Courses: Adolescent Development; Theories of Counseling; Counseling Theory and Practice; Theories of Personality; Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology; Psychology of the Family; Psychology of Depression.
Graduate Courses: Advanced Counseling and Supervision; The Embodied Counselor.

Research Interests: Depression, Complex PTSD; Trauma; Attachment; Mindfulness; Contingent self-worth; Self-concept; Rumination.

Joe Camilleri
Joseph A. Camilleri, Ph.D.
​Advisor for the Forensic Concentration, MA Mental Health Counseling Program
Phone Number: 413 572-5700
Office Number: Wilson 115 G
Personal Page: Dr. Camilleri

Undergraduate Courses: Forensic Psychology; Psychology of Crime Lab; Research Methods I & II; Statistics for Psychologists; Psychometrics.
Graduate Courses: Basic & Applied Research Methods.

Research Interests: Etiology of interpersonal conflict, particularly sexual conflict in committed relationships; Evidence-based practice; Application of scientific research towards program development and evaluation; Partner rape; Psychopathy; Developmentally disabled offenders; Bullying.

Claudia Ciano-Boyce, Ed.D.
Claudia Ciano-Boyce, Ed.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5749
Office Number: Wilson 106 F

Undergraduate Courses: Abnormal Psychology; Theories of Personality; Disorder to Orientation.
Graduate Courses: Clinical Behavior Analysis.

Research Interests: Neuropsychology and diagnosis of mental illness; Trauma and the impact on mental and physical health; Racial, sexual, gender, religious and ethnic diversity; Psychology and politics.


T. Alex Daniel, Ph.D.       
Phone Number:  413-572-5346
Office Number: Wilson 115 E
Personal Page:

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology; Research Methods I; Statistics for Psychologists; Research Methods II; Cognitive Psychology; Sensation and Perception; Capstone: Memory; Capstone: History and Systems of Psychology.

Research Interests: Cognition: Attention; Cognition: Working Memory; Perception: Taste.

Janet Gebelt, Ph.D.
Janet Gebelt, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5435
Office Number: Wilson 105 C

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology; Child Development; Adolescent Development; Personality; Statistics for Psychologists; Emotion.

Research Interests: Socioemotional development of adolescents and emerging adults; Identity development.

Princy Mennella, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5378
Office Number: Wilson 115 E

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology; Research Methods I; Research Methods II; Behavioral Neuroscience (aka Physiological Psychology), Psychopharmacology (aka Drugs and Behavior).

Research Interests: Sex differences; Hormone influences on behaviors; Brain development; Factors influencing memory function and attention; Circadian rhythm dysfunction.

Nicholas Morrison, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5381
Office Number: Wilson 105 B

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology; Theories of Personality; Counseling Theory and Practice.

Research Interests: Psychotherapy process, outcome, and integration; Common treatment factors, including the patient-therapist relationship and patient expectations for treatment and outcome; Psychotherapy training, Qualitative methodology.

Jorge Reyes, Ph.D., BCBA

Jorge Reyes, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Administrator/Advisor for the MA Applied Behavior Analysis Program
Phone Number: 413-572-8902
Office Number: Wilson 106 G 

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology; Applied Behavior Analysis; Psychology of Learning; Behaviorism in Contemporary Society; Developmental Disabilities.
Graduate Courses: Behavior Analysis Applications; Theoretical Foundations of Behavior Analysis; Verbal Behavior; Practicum in Behavior Analysis

Research Interests: Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities; Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behavior; Contingency Management for Exercise and Health Related Behaviors; Environmental Sustainability; Animal Training.

Lynn M. Shelley, Ph.D. 
Phone Number: 413-572-5607
Office Number: Wilson 105 D

Undergraduate Courses: Child Development; Adolescent Development; Infant Development; Research Methods in Psychology I and II; Service Learning in Psychology; Psychology of the Visual Arts; Capstone: Positive Psychology.
Graduate Courses: Advanced Developmental Psychology.

Research Interests: Socioemotional development in adolescents and infants; Identity development; Cultural psychology; Positive interventions; Family diversity; Psychology and the visual arts

Jack A.Szpiler, Ed.D.
Jack A.Szpiler, Ed.D.
Advisor for Continuing Education

Summer Williams, Ph.D.
Summer Williams, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-8786
Office Number: Wilson 115 C

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology (including Honors Program); Social Psychology; Health Psychology; Self-control and stress management; Capstone: Psychology of Illness; Capstone: Health of vulnerable populations.

Research Interests: Health outcomes; Health communication; Patient adherence and satisfaction, Overall health and well-being.

Hui (Michelle) Zhang, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5701
Office Number: Wilson 115 F

Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Psychology; Research Methods in Psychology I; Educational Psychology; Statistics for Psychologists.

Research Interests: Youth development from a sociocultural perspective; Emotion regulation skills affecting academic achievement and peer interactions (e.g., friendship, leadership, aggression, social withdrawal); Interaction of parents, peers, media, and culture in child development and learning; Expressive writing assisting students with difficult life events; Children's social and cognitive development reflected in artwork.