Jason C. Sawyer

Jason Sawyer, Ph. D., CSCS, ASPC
Position Title(s) Assistant Professor
Office address:215 Woodward Center
Email:  jsawyer@westfield.ma.edu
Office Phone: 413.572.8803
Year started at WSU: 2015

Ph. D., Springfield College, Springfield, MA., Exercise Physiology, The Effects of a Short-Term Carbohydrate Restricted Diet on Strength and Power in Trained Males and Females
M.S., Springfield College, Springfield, MA., Exercise Physiology, The Short-Term Effects of Resistance Training on Hormonal Profile in Untrained Males and Females.
B.S., Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH., Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science.

I have taught Human Anatomy and Physiology and Exercise Physiology at several Colleges and Universities including Central Connecticut State University, Bay Path University, and Quinsigamond Community College.

Professional Activities–
Sawyer, J., Wood, R., Davidson, P., Collins, S., Matthews, T., Gregory, S., & Paolone, V. Effects of a Short-term Carbohydrate Restricted Diet on Strength and Power Performance. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. (2013), 27(8), 2255-2262.
Wood, R., Gregory, S., Sawyer, J., Milch, C., Matthews, T., & Headley, S. Preservation of Fat-Free Mass After Two Distinct Weight Loss Diets With and Without Progressive Resistance Exercise.  Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders. Accepted Dec 2011.
Gregory, S., Wood, R., Matthews, T., VanLangen, D., Sawyer, J., & Headley, S. Substrate Utilization is Influenced by Acute Dietary Carbohydrate Intake in Active, Healthy Females. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, (2011), 10, 59-65.

Courses currently taught at WSU:
MOVP204 – Kinesiology
MOVP305 – Principles of Strength and Conditioning
MOVP162– Strength Training and Conditioning
MOVP625 – Biomechanics

Professional Organization Member:

Professional Organization Officer:
Board of Directors for RWL Inc. (a non-profit organization)

Excellence in Teaching Award Committee Nomination (October, 2012)

Special Interests:
Olympic Weightlifting