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The Committee on International Programs

Committee on International Programs

The Committee on International Programs will review, recommend, and advise on policy regarding:

selection of study abroad program proposals;

priorities for development of new and revised international programs;

institutional collaborations between Westfield State University and prospective partners.

The Committee will also advocate for the internationalization of the University and will help disseminate information about international programs and opportunities.

Due to the impact on the deliberative process and voting procedures, to avoid any appearance of impropriety, and to avoid circumstances of a reduced faculty/librarian voting pool on the Committee, members of the Committee are excluded from proposing new international programs in the competitive process. If a member desires to submit a proposal, he/she shall remove him/herself from the Committee at the beginning of the semester. MSCA unit members should be informed of this requirement prior to nomination for the Committee.

Membership: 5 MSCA unit members, 2 students, 1 APA unit member, 1 AFSCME unit member, 2 administrators selected by the president, and three non-voting ex-officio members: the Dean of Undergraduate Studies or his/her designee; the Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education or his/her designee; the Director of International Programs or his/her designee.