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Middle (5-8) and Secondary (8-12), Teacher Licensure

Why Choose a Teaching Licensure in Middle (5-8) and Secondary (8-12)?

This program affords many students who have completed a bachelor's degree the opportunity to earn initial licensure in the following subject areas:

BIOLOGY (Appendix B)
ENGLISH (Appendix C)
HISTORY (Appendix C)

Requirements for a Teaching Licensure in Middle (5-8) and Secondary (8-12)

Students electing to prepare for teaching an academic subject in middle (5-9) or secondary (9-12) school must complete the professional sequence listed below.Students must meet with a subject matter advisor to determine coursework necessary to meet subject matter requirements for licensure. Decisions regarding coursework are based on student?s academic record, performance on the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL), previous college coursework or other related professional experience reflective of the student having met state and national standards.

 Students must meet with their academic advisor to determine specific subject area requirement

EDUC0220 Schools in American Culture* or EDUC0633 Social Cultural Theories*
EDUC0380/0580 Multicultural Education

Note: Students seeking Teacher of English licensure may have satisfied this requirement through English coursework

EDUC0221/0540 Students with Special Needs*
EDUC0321 Middle School & Its Students (Required for Middle School only)
EDUC0352/0552, 0353/0553 or 0354/0554 Educational Plan & Eval (Mid, Sec or Mid & Sec**)
PSYC0203 Adolescent Development
PSYC0101 Intro to Psychology (Prerequisite to PSYC0203) 

******** Academic Methods*

EDUC0564 Practicum: Middle School
EDUC0569 Practicum: Secondary

*Field Experience