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Part-Time & Evening Application Procedures

The College of Graduate and Continuing Education offers courses leading to all undergraduate degrees awarded at Westfield State University. Not all courses in every program are available during the evening hours. In some cases, it may be necessary for students to enroll in courses in the Day Division. The same standards and policies for admission used by the Day Division apply to Continuing Education applicants.

There are two ways to apply...

Method 1:

Application for admission may be made to the College of Graduate and Continuing Education by printing the following form Undergraduate or Second Bachelors and mailing your completed application to:

College of Graduate and Continuing Education

Westfield State University

577 Western Avenue 

Westfield, MA 01086-1630

Attention: Admissions Coordinator

Method 2:

You may also apply online.


Application to the Undergraduate Degree Program at Westfield State University must consist of the following:

  1. Application and $50.00 fee (non-refundable)
  2. Official transcripts of education from accredited institutions
  3. High school transcripts and S.A.T. results, if available, or a copy of the G.E.D. certificate. Official transcripts with college seals and in sealed envelopes are to be forwarded to the College of Graduate and Continuing Education for those transferring credits from either community, state or private colleges or post-secondary schools. If you attended more than one college, submit one transcript for each institution.
  4. International applicants (where applicable) must provide Official English translations and a Credential Evaluation of all secondary and post-secondary transcripts, an official copy of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with passing score, bank-notarized Certification of Finances Form, and a photocopy of the applicant's current visa.
  5. International applicants may obtain a credential evaluation of documents from:

    Center for Educational Documentation, Inc. 

    PO Box 231126

    Boston, MA 02123-1126

    (617) 338-7171

    (Applicants are responsible for processing fee.)
  6. Completed Proof of Residency form.
  7. Applicants for music programs are also required to audition for the program during a time period specified by the music department. These auditions only take place during the traditional Spring and Fall semesters. If you are interested in a music program, please contact the music department as soon as possible to make an appointment to audition, or visit the website at for information on auditions including upcoming audition dates.


Veterans who qualify for the Massachusetts waiver of tuition or Federal educational benefits must provide the necessary document (DD214) to receive the benefit and must matriculate into a degree program to continue to receive the benefit. Westfield State University Veterans Affairs staff will verify the veteran's application status as necessary during the registration period. The DD 214 must be provided by the veteran to Lisa Ducharme the certifying official at Westfield State University, located in Bates Hall room 15, phone (413) 572-8370. The Veterans are responsible for all fees associated with Westfield State University course work.


Once an application is complete, it is forwarded to the appropriate department for review and recommendation. The Dean of the College of Graduate and Continuing Education then reviews the application and department recommendation and determines acceptance into the program. Transfer students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.3 on a 4.0 scale. A maximum of 90 credits may be accepted in transfer from an accredited four-year school and not more than the equivalent of an Associate Degree (60 credits) may be accepted in transfer from two-year community or junior colleges. All degree programs require 120 credits; a minimum of 30 must be completed at Westfield State University. Students must matriculate prior to the completion of the last 30 credits needed for graduation.

If you would like to have an admissions packet sent to you, or have questions about admissions, please call us at (413) 572-8020 or by email

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