After You Apply

  • If you are accepted as either a freshman or transfer student, you must inform Westfield State University that you accept the offer of admission and pay all necessary non-refundable deposits (U.S. dollars only) by the May 15 Candidate's Reply Date.
  • Students with documented financial difficulty may contact the Director of Admission regarding fee and deposit waivers.  Tuition is free for persons 60 or over; however, admission is granted on a space-available basis, and all fees are mandatory.

Westfield State University maintains and promotes a policy of equal education opportunity for all students, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, physical handicap, or national origin.

The rules, regulations, policies, fees, and other charges, courses of study, and admission and academic requirements that appear in Westfield State University’s recruitment brochures were in effect at the time of publication. They are published for informational purposes only, and do not constitute a contract between the College and any student, applicant for admission, or other person. Whether noted elsewhere in these brochures or not, the College reserves the right to change, eliminate, and add to any existing (and to introduce additional) rules, regulations, policies, fees and other charges, courses of study, and academic and admission requirements. Whenever it does so, the College will give as much advance notice as it considers feasible or appropriate, but it reserves the right in all cases to do so without notice.