Reminder: August 1 is the deadline for students to submit their proof of COVID-19 vaccination for the Fall 2021 semester. For information on the vaccine mandate and helpful FAQs for the semester, click here.


Freshman Applicants

Ready to transform your life? A Westfield education has the power to do that. Let’s make sure you’re in the right place to start.

You are a freshman applicant if you are applying to Westfield State directly from high school and have never attended college after high school graduation; or, if you are a Dual Enrollment Program student taking college courses at a college or university as part of your high school experience. 

Westfield State University's 2021 applications are SAT/ACT optional!


The Admission Team at Westfield understands that it's been a challenging school year due to the many impacts of the pandemic.  We want to encourage applicants to take more time if they need it, and know that we remain committed to helping you navigate the admission and financial aid process.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in beginning your future at Westfield State this fall.

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Fall Freshman application deadlines

  • The Early Action deadline is November 15. 
  • All applicants who complete their application by June 1, 2021 will have their application fee automatically waived
  • The freshman application filing deadline- We continue to to accept and review applications for the Fall 2021 semester on a space available basis.
  • The application filing deadline for Nursing applicants (freshmen only) is February 1 - All application materials must be submitted by February 1.
  • Learning Disabilities Program applicants have a priority deadline of February 1.
  • Urban Education Program applicants have a priority deadline of February 1.

Spring Freshman application deadline

  • The spring freshman application filing deadline is December 1. Completed applications will be reviewed beginning in early October.

Freshman applicants are required to submit the following information:

  • Application and fee
    Freshman applicants can complete and sign the paper application or submit the online application.  The application fee is $50.  The application fee is waived for veterans and active members of the US Armed Forces. After indicating past or present military affiliation on our online application, a promo code will be provided to waive your fee.
  • Official high school transcript(s)
    Freshman applicants must submit an official high school transcript, beginning with grade 9 and including first-quarter senior year grades. Early Action applicants are NOT required to submit first-quarter senior year grades.

    Applicants who attended more than one high school are required to submit official high school transcripts from all high schools attended.

    Applicants who earn a high school equivalency diploma (GED) are required to submit an official GED scores report and an official copy of their high school transcript(s).
  • SAT and/or ACT scores
    Please arrange to have your SAT and/or ACT scores sent directly to the Admission Office.  The WSU College Board code is 3523 and the WSU ACT code is 1912.

    The SAT/ACT requirement is waived for those applicants to the Learning Disabilities Program or for those applicants who wish to receive the SAT/ACT waiver through the general admission application process.  These applicants must submit a full battery of diagnostic testing (including both cognitive and achievement testing) administered within the last 3 years in lieu of the SAT and/or ACT scores.
  • College Essay (optional)

    Students are not required to submit an essay with their application to Westfield State but may submit one if they choose.  There is no specific essay question that students must answer; students are welcome to submit an essay with a topic of their choosing.  Students applying to the Banacos Academic Program and the Urban Education program are encouraged to submit an essay.

    Any student wishing to submit an essay should copy and paste the essay into the “College Essay (optional)” section on the application.
  • Letters of Recommendation (optional)
    Students who wish to submit letters of recommendation are welcome to do so.  Recommendations should come from Educators (Teachers, Advisors, Guidance Counselors, etc.) and students should submit no more than 3  letters of recommendation.  Students applying to the Banacos Academic Program are encouraged to submit letters of recommendation.  Students applying to the Urban Education are required to submit 2 letters of recommendation with their application.

Freshman applicants participating in Dual Enrollment Programs

You are a freshman applicant participating in a dual enrollment program if, as part of your high school experience, you have taken college courses for credit at a participating college or university.  In addition to the required documents listed above freshman applicants, dual enrollment applicants must also submit a complete list of college courses attempted.  A final, official college transcript(s) of the dual enrollment experience must be submitted upon its completion.

Home-schooled applicants

Home-schooled applicants are subject to the same admission requirements as other freshman applicants.  They are required to submit a transcript with grades and credits, along with SAT and/or ACT scores.

Freshman Admission Standards

Freshman applicants must meet the minimum eligibility requirements (a sliding scale based on a recalculated high school cumulative grade point average and SAT and/or ACT scores), established by the Department of Higher Education (DHE) in order to qualify for admission to a state university. The Admission Standards document for the Massachusetts state universities is available on the DHE website at Applicants who meet minimum eligibility requirements are not guaranteed admission.  The DHE allows individual state universities to set a higher minimum standard, and Westfield State University has chosen to do so.

Freshman applicants also must complete the following 17 college preparatory courses (year-long academic courses, or the equivalent):

Freshman applicants also must complete the following 17 college preparatory courses:
English 4 courses
Mathematics (Algebra 1 & 2; Geometry or Trigonometry, or comparable coursework) including mathematics during the final year of high school 4 courses
Sciences (from Natural Science and/or Physical Science and/or Technology/Engineering, including 3 courses with laboratory work) 3 courses
Social Sciences (including 1 course of U.S. History) 2 courses
Foreign Language (in a single language) 2 courses
Electives (taken from the above list or from the Arts & Humanities or Computer Sciences) 2 courses
Sliding Scale for Freshmen Applicants to a State University
Campuses Weighted Average GPA Combined NEW SAT Score (Evidenced Based Reading & Writing and Math) ACT Score
2.51 – 2.99 990 19
2.41 – 2.50 1030 20
2.31 – 2.40 1070 21
2.21 – 2.30 1110 22
2.11 – 2.20 1140 23
2.00 – 2.10 1180 24

Specific majors may require additional courses above and beyond the minimum 17 courses as listed above and may require a higher grade point average and SAT/ACT scores.

Art and Music majors also require an art portfolio review and an audition as part of the admission process.

The DHE policy does not allow applicants with a recalculated grade point average below a C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) to be accepted to any Massachusetts state university under any circumstances.

Accepted freshmen attending Massachusetts public high schools must present evidence of passing the M.C.A.S. prior to enrollment. A final official high school transcript conferring the diploma will suffice for this purpose.