All University Committee


The charge to the All University Committee is provided in the MSCA Bargaining Agreement, (Article VII, B, 5) excerpted and quoted directly below.

Responsibilities of the All-University Committee

The All-University Committee shall encourage the participation of all members of the bargaining  unit,  members  of  the University administration,  and  members  of  the student body in the process of decision making.  The Committee shall be the primary agency for  coordinating  and  implementing  such  participation  in  accordance  with  the provisions of this Article.  Whenever any matter is submitted by any person who is a member of the university community   for   consideration   by   the   All-University Committee  or  any  standing  committee,  such  matter  shall  be  submitted  to  the  All-University Committee and shall thereafter be promptly referred by the Committee to such  standing  committee,  if  any,  within  whose  purview  such  matter  falls;  provided, however,  that  in  the  event  that  there  shall  be  no  standing  committee  within  whose purview  such  matter  falls,  the  All-University Committee  shall,  in  accordance  with Section D(3) hereof, refer such matter to an ad hoc committee.  Such assignments to standing committees shall be made in accordance with the duties of such committees as they are hereinafter set forth.

More information regarding the specific responsibilities of the All University Committee can be found in the MSCA Bargaining Agreement, (Article VII, B, 5).



Under Consideration: Pass Fail 2020-21 Academic Year NOT YET APPROVED

Membership 2019-2020 Academic Year

  • Ted Welsh*
  • Lynn Shelley**
  • Steve Adams
  • Suzanna Adams
  • Byung Jun Cho
  • Susanne Chuku
  • Angelo Mazza
  • Kaytlyn Mekal (Student Representative)
  • Enrique Morales-Diaz
  • Max Saito
  • Audrey Therriault (Student Representative)
  • Nayomi Walton

* AUC Chair
** AUC Vice Chair

Bylaws (as amended on September 20, 2019)

  1. A quorum shall be at least 8 members of the All-University Committee (henceforth called the Committee), including at least one student and at least one administrator. The absence of all students or all administrators will not block quorum provided the Chair receives notification from each member of a group (student or administrator) of their absence together with their explicit waiver of quorum or the name of the president’s designee for alternate. Should quorum not be established due to lack of such notification, no group (student nor administrator) can block quorum for two consecutive meetings.

  2. Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed when invoked by a member of the Committee or when voting on motions.

  3. All items to be included on the agenda of the Committee’s regularly scheduled meetings shall be submitted, together with all necessary backup information or documentation, to the Chair of the committee through Curriculog. The Chair must receive the item no later than seven business days preceding the regularly scheduled meeting: the Chair has the discretion to waive this requirement.

  4. The Chair shall notify all Committee members, Department Chairs and Program Directors, the President of the University, the SGA President, the MSCA office and other appropriate persons of any meeting of the Committee no less than two business days before such a meeting. Such notice shall also be sent to all faculty and staff, and it shall include the agenda for the meeting. All supporting materials as well as minutes approved in previous meetings shall be available through electronic communication, including Curriculog or email arriving in their office, to the university community at the time the meeting is announced.

  5. Any time the Committee receives minutes or reports from a standing committee that any member of the Committee feels will require immediate action, a special meeting of the Committee may be called by making a request to the Chair.  Notice will be given to Committee members no less than two working days prior to the special meeting.

  6. Following the approval of minutes and the chair’s report, and before the beginning of the substance of any proposal, AUC must identify the committee or committees to which any proposal received since the last AUC meeting shall be sent.  If no appropriate committee exists, AUC must create an ad hoc committee.

  7. All new business items must be submitted to the Chair in accordance with By-Law 3.

  8. These By-Laws are to remain in effect unless amended/replaced by the Committee or any successor.