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Past Interns:

  • Lauren Learned (2011)
  • Jennifer Day (2010)
  • Katie Gouthier (2007)

Marketing and Public Affairs

Baystate Medical Center and Westfield State University’s English Department have built a healthy relationship with each other through the English internship program. Interns often find themselves assisting in the Center’s Marketing & Communications and Public Affairs departments under the supervision of Communications Specialists Elizabeth LaFond and Ben Craft. There, interns write press releases and articles for their intranet eWorkplace and their monthly publication, Connections. The department has students interviewing physicians, assisting the marketing team, and contributing to multiple programs and projects at Baystate.

During the Fall 2010 semester, Jennifer Day had the opportunity to work a 3 credit/120 hour internship with Liz LaFond at Baystate. Day found herself creating weekly polls and writing scripts for their eWorkplace.

Overall, Day saw the time she spent there as a blessing. She felt as though the internship had put her in a better position to find a job that interested her and would recommend the placement to students looking for a rewarding and interesting internship.

Lauren Learned took that recommendation and began her work with Baystate during the Spring 2011 semester where she wrote and revised stories, conducted and transcribed video interviews, and learned special software program techniques. Learned said, “Baystate definitely prepared me and shaped my understanding for what I wished to do with my future. It was an experience I’ll never forget.” Both interns thank Elizabeth LaFond and Ben Craft for the opportunities afforded them.

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