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Past Interns:

  • Macey Lavoie (2014)
  • Tim Carson (2013)
  • Louis Falcetti (2011)

Researching & Reporting For Comics Blog

Bleeding Cool's 2013 intern Tim Carson said of his experiences, “interning for Bleeding Cool has taught me valuable research and time management skills. While the subject matter is interesting and fun, the entire internship was really what you made of it. You had to be willing to put forth the effort, [and] if you did, you were rewarded by seeing your writing published each and every week.”

Spring 2014 intern Macey Lavoie picked out articles from around the country that were of interest to the comics community to post as the "Morning Runaround." This internship is research based, and depends heavily on interns conducting interviews and reporting. Macey had the opportunity to write a story about Anime Boston, a three-day, annual convention held in Boston which focuses to "celebrate and promote Japanese animation, comics, and pop-culture."

This internship is for an outspoken, patient, and independent individual. An interest and/or passion for comics is also a must. While the internship’s supervisor lives in England, there are no in-person meetings. However, Macey emphasized that there is no shortage of communication or encouragement on his end.

Fall interns at Bleeding cool have the opportunity to attend the New York City Comic Con as members of the Press Pool. This has proven to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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