Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield

Past Interns:

  • Erica Flynn (2015)
  • Mewe Okoh (2014)
  • Aurelia Pierce (2013)
  • Jordyne Taylor (2013)
  • Joel Williams (2013)
  • Karissa St. Pierre (2012)

Grant Writing and Marketing

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield has been a place for both children and teens to learn and create outside of the traditional classroom. An internship at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield is a rewarding experience for those wanting to help make a difference in the local community while perfecting their technical writing skills.

An internship in grant writing and marketing gives an intern the opportunity to experience two different vocations: the former entails honing skills for meticulous research and the development of technical writing while the latter allows for more creative expression with a focus on press releases and email blasts for The Club.

Erica Flynn was the Club's 2015 intern. As she cultivated her technical writing skills, she also picked up on the ins and outs of grant writing: "The biggest tip I have learned about grant writing so far is not to use circular reasoning when writing a grant," also a useful takeaway in other writing endeavors. With relation to grant writing, circular reasoning is important to avoid as it lacks a level of professionalism and can be quite reductive. On this subject, 2014 intern Mewe Okoh said, "the grant provider knows you need the money because you're writing them asking them for money. They're more interested in how you're going to use the money and how you can make it worth their while."

Mewe also stated that her experience "made me interested in grant writing. I honestly never thought much about it, but I'm happy that I was pushed in that direction, and I hope to one day get a job writing grants after graduation."

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield's internship coordinator was once a past intern there. Karissa St. Pierre turned her internship into an entry level position, and has even given the English department suggestions as to how to improve the English Internship program. Thanks to Karissa, interns and their supervisors now discuss a list of goals and expectations, so that both parties get the most out of the internship experience.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield

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