For Faculty/Staff


April 30, 2021 CURCA Celebration - Virtual Asynchronous!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Celebration will be virtual.

March 29 - April 9,  5pm - Online registration to present opens.  Link is available in the student tab

April 9 - 20, 5pm - Poster submission for virtual presentations.  Link is available in the student tab

CURCA Poster Design Workshop - Virtual Instructions

This workshop will cover how to design a poster, elements that should be included, and how to effectively communicate information through the use of images and visuals. Please contact CURCA Director, Dr. Lamis Jarvinen, to schedule a poster design workshop tailored to your discipline or course. This workshop can take place during your regularly scheduled class period or another convenient time.  Email: to schedule and for more information

FFA Grant Application - Information will be confirmed soon

FFA (Faculty Facilitation Award)

FFA Description & Application- CLOSED

FFA Post Award Report


April 15, 2021 5:00 pm Application Deadline for SSuRF (Student Summer Research Fellow)

SSuRF Information and Application

Faculty Mentor Recommendation Form - Due April 15

Second Recommender Form - Due April 15