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Champions Orientation: Health and Wellness Resource Session Notes

Important Reminders

  • Students need to submit their student ID picture. They can do this by downloading the GET App. In the app, there is a spot for students to upload their picture. ID PICTURES NEED TO BE SUBMITTED BY AUGUST 17TH
  • Students need to submit all health forms and Covid-19 Vaccination cars by August 5th 
  • We will be having a resource fair for all Champions and Students to attend on September 2nd from 10:00AM-2:00PM
  • We will also be having a Champions reception on September 2nd from 12:00PM-2:30PM please stop by!

Counseling Center



  • My SSP app: for students to use 24/7(has both resources for students and mental health information)
  • Pet therapy is a huge campus outreach program that the Counseling Center has for all students to attend(I can say, as a student, that pet therapy days are the best days)
  • Relaxation coaching for students. Coaching is one on one sessions with trained coaches
  • Incoming new students have 2 online prevention courses to complete. One on sexual assualt prevention, and the other is on alcohol education. Students MUST complete both. The soft deadline for completion is September 9th, and the hard deadline is October 9th. If students do not complete these courses, they will be charged a $100 fee. 
  • Emails about the prevention courses will be sent out some time next week to students’ university emails, so please tell them to watch out for that email!
  • The Counseling Center also offers nutritional counseling for students
  • All services in the Counseling Center are free for all students(including commuter students)
  • Students can make an appointment either by calling, emailing, or walking into the office. 

Health Services



  • Services offered: prescriptions, health education, urgent care, on-site testing for strep, mono, pregnancy, flu, Covid-19 and urine analysis. Women’s health, contraception, condoms(free of charge), STI treatment and testing, LGBTQ+ health. Men’s health, X-rays and lab work(performed off campus). Speciality referrals, vaccine clinics and more!
  • Hours of Operation: Monday 8:30AM-7:00PM, Tuesday-Thursday 8:30AM-5:00PM, Fridays 10:00AM-5:00PM and closed on nights/weekends
  • Any off site types of services like X-rays and lab work, will be billed through insurance 
  • On campus services, that Health Services can do are free of charge to students 
  • Covid exposure- if a student tests positive they will need to quarantine 
  • We have no available housing for students to quarantine on campus, they will need to quarantine off campus if they test positive
  • For students that have been in close contact to someone that tested positive, they should follow CDC guidelines 
  • Vaccine exemptions. Either medical or religious. If medical, a medical professional needs to send a letter to Health Services, and a student over the age of 18 can sen Health Services a letter explaining their religious exception of the vaccine 
  • Even if a student lives in a single, they are not allowed to quarantine on campus. They still are sharing a bathroom with other students
  • If any students are missing any health forms, Health Services will reach out to them about what they missed