Chicopee Public Library

Past Interns:

  • Jeanette Fleck (2014)
  • Jennifer Boyd (2013)
  • Crystal Lanucho (2012)
  • Kristina Duplisea (2010)
  • Molly Coyle (2010)

Library Science

An internship at Chicopee Public Library is, like other library science internships the English Department provides, multifaceted. Spring 2013 intern Jen Boyd recounted how she wasn't thrust into any one department; she was given choices: "We discussed what departments I was interested in working in while she [Supervisor, Carol Lynne Bagley] gave me a tour of the library. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do yet, [but] I had given it some thought, [and] I decided that I wanted to see what working in technical services was like."

Technical services involved sorting through library materials such as props and displays for the children's room and new book arrivals. Jen also revised "the 1875 Chicopee City Directories which contained errors that needed to be fixed before the documents [could] be put online for patrons to access." These Directories were a big part of the library's database and were instrumental in teaching Jennifer how to "develop skills with editing and revising documents."

In her time at Chicopee Public Library, 2012 intern Crystal Lanucho found that everything she, like Jen, learned was something to use to her advantage in the future: “I have acquired skills in this internship that most undergraduates wouldn’t get until they attended graduate school.”

Kris Duplisea, the library's 2010 intern, had a unique experience with her internship in that she worked in the library's "Open Computer Lab" where she assisted in teaching patrons how to navigate and effectively use computers.

Supervisor Carol Lynne Bagley noted that in order to be a successful intern at the Chicopee Public Library, a student should have "good writing and communication skills." She also emphasized the importance of going into this internship with clear ideas; in that way, students will get the most out of their experiences.

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