College 101

Past Interns

  • Sabrina Farley (2015)
  • Katie McCall (2013)
  • Amanda King (2010)

Public Relations

College 101 is branch of the Advancement & University Relations department where interns give presentations to, primarily, middle school children interested in learning about the college experience.

2015 intern Sabrina Farley found the task a little intimidating when she first joined the College 101 team, but she ended up finding the experience rewarding: “I was a little nervous my first time around because I had to talk in front of a big group of kids. I eventually got the hang of it and was actually excited to give presentation. The kids were the most exciting part.”

Interns at College 101 are asked to make presentations, speak publically, and know how to use their time effectively and wisely.

Amanda King (2010 intern) also found that she was pushed out of her comfort zone, but she found that frequently giving presentations increased her confidence and made her a better public speaker: “After each time I gave a presentation, I felt a little more confident in myself – I knew exactly what I was talking about each time… it completely broke me out of my shell.”

A College 101 internship is recommended for students who are detail oriented, enjoy working with children, and have good communication skills.

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