DACA Resources

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Legal Resources:

Attorney Josiah Curtis with the immigration law firm Berry, Appleman and Leiden has offered pro-bono services for DACA students for Westfield State Students.

Josiah Curtis Associate, Attorney at Law Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP

On September 5th, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the administration is phasing out the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.

This means that:

  • USCIS will not be accepting any new DACA applications meaning no one that is not already a part of the program can apply.
  • Anyone whose DACA expires between now and March 5th, 2018 can apply for a renewal of their DACA and must do so by October 5th.
  • Those with a permit expiring after March 6th, 2018 will not be able to renew and their permit will expire on the date listed on their DACA.
  • There will be no new renewals after March 5th, 2018.

Many colleges have already come out in support of their undocumented students and their families. If you are looking for sample messages please let me know and I can pass those along to you. Most messages are seeking to convey to students that they are not alone, to validate the complicated feelings of uncertainty, anger, and frustration. And to pass along information particularly about confidential and compassionate support that can be accessed through counseling services both on and off campus.

Below are a variety of resource links for us as administrators, educators, and to provide to our students:

Check-out a list of amazing resources at Defend DACA here:  http://defenddaca.com/resources/



Mental Health/Self Care


  • With or without DACA immigrants can be entrepreneurs, please check out this website from Immigrants Rising with information on working as an immigrant


As well, local organizations such as Connecticut Students for a Dream (C4D) and Massachusetts’s Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) have been attempting to keep their communities posted through the use of social media. Both organizations are offering Vigils and healing spaces to address the fear, anxiety, and need for community support young people impacted by these decisions are experiencing- information on these spaces can be found through Facebook pages of these organizations or reach out to me for more information.

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