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The Westfield State University Sankofa Organization of diverse Faculty and Staff are dedicated to help ensure that diversity and inclusion will continue to grow at the University. All members of the group honor the spirit, vision and ideals of Sankofa by actively embracing a commitment to the expansion of the spirit of global diversity and multicultural principles. In 1839, Horace Mann founded Westfield State University as the first public higher education institution without barrier to race, gender or economic class. During the post-Civil war period, Westfield became known for educating freed African-Americans. Today we continue to honor our history by recruiting students, faculty and staff whose range of lifestyles, cultures, talents and global perspectives enrich Westfield’s academic and community life. The Sankofa Organization of Diverse Faculty and Staff, Supports activities that promote:

  • Unity
  • Provides The Sankofa Organization of Diverse Faculty and Staff support and mentoring network for diverse faculty and staff
  • Student scholarships for short-term educational experiences abroad
  • Assists in the recruitment, admission and retention of historically underrepresented students
  • Encourages and supports campus wide activities that promote diversity
  • Assists in the recruitment and hiring of both faculty and staff

The Sankofa organization of diverse faculty and staff of Westfield State University is pleased to honor our graduating students who have persevered and demonstrated the spirit and vision of Sankofa. We feel that the student recipients of the Kente stole have embraced the spirit of global diversity and represent the spirit and ideals of Sankofa with a commitment to diversity and multicultural principles.