The Identity Project 2K17


My name is Christian Dejesus, I am a Programming assistant in the office of Diversity and Inclusion.  Coming into college I have always had a passion for celebrating human rights, and  individuality. This year I am proud to announce the launching of  “The Identity Project”. The Identity Project poster campaign is a way to embrace who we are, not just the aspects that are visible to the human eye. We will be asking the campus family to take photographs, and share their various identities through visual arts. We usually do not pay attention to what truly makes us who we are; therefore, I challenge you to think of what makes you, you!

Link to register to be a part of the 2017 Spring launch:  The Identity Project 2k17

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Christian Dejesus ’18
Carlton Pickron, Vice President of Student Affairs









Arielyss Santiago ’18
Lauren Chapin ’17