Eastern States Exposition

Past Interns:

  • Tessa Newell (2015)
  • Autumn Lampro (2011)
  • David Walker (2010)
  • Adam Garcia (2004)

Marketing and Communications

Through generally known for its yearly fair, "The Big E," Eastern States Exposition holds many events that have attracted people from New England and beyond since 1968. Eastern States Exposition also strives to "provide an education experience for urban and rural persons, especially youth, through programs and exhibitions designed to include local and regional participation, demonstration, and competition."

Westfield State University's English Department Internship Program contributes to this mission by showing participating interns how to become involved in the region and help market the organization and its efforts.

Having worked with the Director of Marketing, Noreen Tassinari, and the Communications Manager, Catherine Pappas, Spring 2015 intern Tessa Newell "wrote press releases for local and statewide media. I [also] wrote blog posts for 'The Big E' blog and [used] other forms of social media such as writing tweets or taking Instagram pictures."

2011 intern Autumn Lampro also experienced variety in the type of work she had been given: "although I expected less variety, I was thrilled with the mixture of projects I ended up working with. I did a lot of writing and also worked a little bit in Adobe Indesign, a graphics and design layout program. I also took on various projects for organizations affiliated with Eastern States Exposition."

Both Tessa and Adam have agreed that one of the most important and valuable lessons they've learned while interning at Eastern States Exposition was "proofread, proofread, proofread." Tessa elaborated, "even as an English major I have learned that you need to look over your writing a million times to try and anticipate corrections before any can even be made." This is a skill that all three interns had to keep in mind especially as they wrote corporate and internal newsletters.

David Walker, Eastern States Exposition's 2010 intern, didn't only practice technical writing. He also had the opportunity to write creatively; he said, "I would write descriptions of bands and entertainers which afforded creative freedom in my writing." 

Past interns have worked in the organization's marketing department writing content for their well-established newsletters and annual report, creating and editing press releases, and editing Eastern States Exposition website, social media sites, and other publications. They often assist department personnel with promotions, advertising media, and special projects.

Also of note: Internships for this site are offered in the Spring semester only.

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