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On Campus Westfield State University hosts students from Westfield elementary schools to promote interest in Science, technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

Revival of STEM Network a Plus for Students

When Jennifer Hanselman, Ph.D., became dean of the College of Mathematics and Sciences in 2018,
she knew she wanted a major part of her role to be advocating for Westfield State in the realm of statewide science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

Foundation Westfield State Univedrsity students Jenna DeLisi (l) and Lauren Christian (r) on the set for As Schools Match Wits in the campus TV studio.

Deep, Literate Roots

On October 26, 1961, the first-ever As Schools Match Wits quiz show was broadcast on television throughout Western Massachusetts. Fifty-eight years later, Westfield State University continues its integral commitment to this unique, empowering, local program.

On Campus Westfield State University student Brandon Sullivan, who proposed the idea that the Dining Commons donate unused food to the non-profit organization Rachel's Table to help those in need.

Passion Project

While working at restaurants in high school, Brandon Sullivan ’20 was shocked by all the food that went to waste. During his sophomore year at Westfield State, Sullivan was challenged by a semester-long project in a Medical Ethics course to address a public health issue.

On Campus Westfield State University Theater major, Madeline Hebert

Designing Her Bright Future

As Madeleine Hebert ’20 directs her crew on the set at the Chester Theatre Company (CTC), it’s clear she doesn’t let her age affect her performance. She has the precision and confidence typically found in someone much older.

On Campus Psychology Dept trip to Guatemala

Faculty-led Travel

Lynn Shelley, Ph.D., was impressed with her students’ brains during her course, Service Learning in Psychology, and she was blown away by their hearts during a related service work trip to Guatemala a year ago.

On Campus Westfield State University faculty member Carsten Braun (l) and student Stacey Dakai looking over a traditional 2D paper map in the GIS office at the University.

High-Tech Mapping

Professor Carsten Braun, Ph.D, says students studying geographic information system (GIS) thought it was funny when he brought out a paper map on a road trip they took to South Carolina.

On Campus Westfield State University Tartan

Making Her Mark

An open position on the University’s Board of Trustees, created by the 2019 graduation of the student trustee, cried out for someone who would use his or her voice to spur change.