Mass Poetry

Past Interns:

  • Billi MacTighe (2014)
  • DaQuan Cook (2013)
  • Jamie Falkner (2012)

Literary Event Management/Promotions

Mass Poetry is an organization that strives to “support poets in Massachusetts, to build new audiences for poetry, and to make poetry more accessible for those who need it most – often those who have the least access to it.”

The organization is also involved in the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. While interning there, 2012 intern Jamie Falkner was able to help organize the fairly new event. She stated that there was more “fundraising and advertising involved [especially] close to the Festival.” In order to make the Festival successful, Jamie was responsible for getting the Mass Poetry name out to different sites such as books stores and the like.

2013 intern DaQuan Cook stated that while he, too, did fundraising and advertising for the Festival, he was also given the chance to write three cover stories that were posted to the Mass Poetry Word Press site. He also had a poem featured on the Mass Poetry Website.

Both interns stressed their satisfaction with their respective internships. DaQuan said that it directed him toward the kind of job he would want in the future: “I feel this internship served me well. I am looking for a job that supports writing, and I can say that I have the experience necessary to hold a writing occupation.”

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