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Advising for Core Courses

The Mathematics Department has developed a wide variety of courses geared towards and appropriate for different majors. Placing a student in the appropriate course is very important for student success and progress in their chosen major. On this page you find links to detailed descriptions of all core courses the Department offers. The table below matches degree programs to recommended core courses. Note that this is not a substitute for careful advising and that program requirements and recommendations are subject to change. Always talk to an academic advisor before enrolling in any course.

Undeclared students should enroll in the core class recommended for a major closest to their interest. Elementary Statistics is an appropriate choice for most (exceptions are students leaning towards Chemistry, Computer Science, Elementary Education, and Mathematics).

Course List

Math Courses Required Per Major

* 104 105 106 108 110 111 115 123 153 250
Art x x x
Athletic Training x
Biology 2 2 x
Business Management x x
Chemistry 2 2 2
Communication x
Computer Information Systems x
Computer Science 2 2 2
Criminal Justice 4
Economics x x
Elementary Education x x
English x
Environmental Science 4 x
Ethnic and Gender Studies x
General Science 3 3
History x
Liberal Studies 1
Mathematics 2 2 2
Movement Science 4
Music x
Nursing x
Political Science x
Psychology 4
Regional Planning x
Social Work 4
Sociology x
Spanish x
Theatre Arts x
Exploratory 4

* No specific program requirements
1) Depends on concentration chosen
2) Placement in sequence depends on student's preparation
3) Depends on concentration chosen
4) Elementary Statistics recommended