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Dr. Enrique Morales-Díaz

Dr. Morales-Díaz will provide leadership, support and advocacy for the continued scholarship, development, and advancement of faculty. In addition, he will serve as a liaison for academic departments to the provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, advising chairs on a range of questions and issues, including personnel conflicts and action, as well as leadership strategies.

Dr. Morales-Díaz earned his Ph.D. in Latin American literature from the University at Albany, SUNY. He was hired in 2008 as an associate professor in the Department of World Languages, Multicultural and Gender Studies (now Language & Culture Studies, and Ethnic & Gender Studies). Since his arrival he has published a book, articles, and book chapters, and presented at several conferences.

During his time at the University he has served as chair of the Department of Language & Culture Studies, as well as chair of the Liberal Studies Program, and has either chaired or served on several University committees.