WSU360 is a student tracking, early alert, appointment scheduling, and retention application that supports students' success and engagement.  It helps students connect with their instructors, advisors, and other support staff to create a circle of care.  It enhances communication across campus departments.  The university implemented the program in the Fall of 2014.  

User Guides

Instructor/Advisor User Guide

Student User Guide

Progress Survey Announcements

Fall 2022 Survey Schedule:

Walk Away & Early Alert Survey:  September 19th to October 3rd (goes to all instructors of all active courses)

Mid Term Progress Survey:  October 24th to November 7th (goes to all-day division and CE students)

Accessibility Announcements

October 2022:  Users reporting not being able to scroll in WSU360.  First make sure you have the most up to date internet browser (suggest using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).  

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