Construction and Renovation Projects

Current and Upcoming Projects

  • Horace Mann Center Rooftop AC Replacement
  • Power Plant Equipment Replacement
  • Horace Man Center Sewer Ejection Pump Repair
  • Wilson Hall Roof Replacement Study
  • Wilson Hall Sprinkler Installation
  • Ely Hall Hot Water Storage and Circulation Pump Replacement

Completed Projects

  • Steam Tunnel Roof Repair
  • Ely Hall Water Slope Site Repair
  • Horace Mann Center Subsurace Roof Replacement
  • Horace Mann Center Mass Notification Installation
  • Bates Hall Mass Notification Installation
  • Dining Hall Kitchen Floor Replacement
  • Horace Mann Center Air Conditioning Replacement
  • Ely Campus Center Pool Repair
  • Ely Hall Lightning and Sensor Upgrades
  • Campus Road and Parking Project
  • Campus Card Upgrades
  • Ely Water Slope Repair
  • Campus Steam Line Repair
  • Dining Commons Boiler & Freezer Upgrades
  • Academic Building Camera Installations
  • Installation of Campus Weather Station
  • Horace Mann Center Elevator Upgrade
  • Catherine Dower Center ADA Sidewalk Improvement
  • Campus Drainage and Manhole Repairs